keeping-a-family-cowKeeping a Family Cow, by Joann Sills Grohman, is the perfect book for anyone who has never had a cow, is just considering one, or has one and is floundering. It will be useful to most small farmers because it pulls together information that is either new, poorly explained, or not to be found under one cover elsewhere. The book is well written, organized, and indexed. It places the cow and dairy products in a contemporary context. Not that it’s a thriller – it’s more of a romance – but I’ve had people say they sat up most of the night reading Keeping a Family Cow.

The book features essential info for running the small farm; tips on things like milking, feeding, stall-building, calf-care, etc.; emergency cow-care in the case of bloat or milk fever; in-depth discussions of how to buy a cow, and how to dry her off; and some thoughts on the economics of farming and food processing that may be interesting even for the non-farmer or the nutritionist/meal planner. It doesn’t just tell you how to take care of a cow, it tells you why you want one.

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The new 8th edition is fully updated, although one of the nice things about cows is they don't change much. It comes in a barn-friendly paperback format with photos and illustrations.

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