I Bought a Copy of Keeping a Family Cow

Hello again, Joann, Eight children! How wonderful! Your book arrived the first of this week. Thank you for the lovely inscription~~~ We’ve been busy, busy this week. The fruit trees arrived and had to be planted asap besides the everyday chores. I finally started reading your book today. I must say I am *impressed*— I’ve never read anywhere some of the things you wrote about the dairy industry, the ‘collectivization’ of our food system in general and the health benefits of real unprocessed milk. Now, of course, my curiosity is killing me. I couldn’t help but notice that your book appears to be self published or perhaps published by a smaller company than Scribners and the other company that initially did the deed… Is it possible that you found it necessary to republish the book yourself , or am I just being suspicious for no good reason? Whatever the reason, I am SO glad your book is still available. I haven’t found this information elsewhere. I’m actually feeling confident about our choice to buy a milk cow and looking forward to her arrival. She’s suppose to be here next Saturday~~~ Changing the subject entirely— I’ve never attended a LLL meeting but there is an active chapter in our area. They do excellent work here. I worked as an RN in labor and delivery for several years before the children started arriving. My experiences there were actually the catalyst that started the search for a simpler lifestyle. I suppose my worship of science and medicine were pretty typical but I was greatly dissallusioned by what I saw and experienced in L&D. That led to a search for alternatives to the intervention based lifestyle I knew from childhood— sniffles? antibiotics. Pregnant? slap that woman flat on her back and perform a c-section when she fails to progress. First baby? episiotomy. Now, here we are on 7 acres in rural Texas— I’d say we were babes in the woods except we aren’t babes by a long shot and there isn’t Sherwood Forest for sure. Sorry, rambling. Tend to do that around midnight. Love the book! Connie
Connie in Texas
GOT IT!! Thnx so much, already I have gleaned a lot — in reading about dry cow diet — this Guernsey looks like she is pretty well drying up– and I called the 2 farm supply stores around here and they have never heard of anionic salts. Any other name or idea where to get it? It sounds the way to go w/ the dry cow. Today the new Jersey is being delivered – and I need to clean her up, she has been kept for the last six months in a barnyard, no grazing, in a lot of mud and muck, used as a nurse cow for 2 holstein bullcalves. So hopefully she will be grateful for better treatment. THNX again, I will be reading ’til midnite.
Kathryn in Texas
Please send me a copy of your book Keeping A Family Cow. Enclosed is $21.95. I’ve just about worn out the local library copy. I can’t wait to read the new edition. Thank you so much for your labor of love. There is so little out there for family cow owners. We started with goats, and there are loads of books, monthly periodicals, all geared to the goat world. But only 1 or 2 books for cow owners. Your book is by far the best one out there.

P.S. How about a quarterly periodical for only cow enthusiasts? I know we would be very interested in subscribing if anyone has the inclination to publish one. I don’t know how much readership it would attract – you might have a much better idea. Just a thought – something I wuld love to be able to get. (Joann published such a newsletter – called Friend of the Family – for a couple years in the ’70s.)
p.s.s. We enjoy your Web site. The Heifer Diary is great fun!

Debbie in CA
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